Cloud Computing

Cloud services & solutions empower businesses with scalability, flexibility and accessibility enabling them to rapidly adapt to any flux in their business environment. They also support better control through real-time visibility and help streamline workflows for greater efficiency. All this leads to better operations that impact revenue while controlling costs. Digital Minds delivers cloud computing services and solutions that are innovative, scalable, agile and efficient. We help you design, develop and deploy the right cloud strategy for your digital transformation. 

Cloud Computing

Elevate Your Organization to the Cloud

Cloud Assessment

We perform a thorough cloud assessment to evaluate your organization’s cloud readiness involving all key stakeholders. This helps ascertain whether any modifications are necessary for data and applications to shift from on-premise to the cloud, and even whether they are business-critical or can be decommissioned. The assessment also calculates TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for the cloud and compares it to on-premises costs to estimate savings from a cloud solution.

Cloud Deployment

Post-assessment, we support organizations with actual deployment of the cloud solution that best suits their needs. We have experience with public, private, hybrid and other cloud deployment models and can provide a smooth and rapid deployment for your organization to leverage the benefits of the cloud. When required, we deploy new releases in parallel with existing releases, enabling deployment with zero down time.

Cloud Migration

Move your applications, data and infrastructure to the cloud with our support. We create a custom migration plan, a roadmap, with specific priorities and objectives tailored to your organization, in alignment with business goals. In addition to a migration plane, we provide cloud migration tools and guidance for successful migration and utilization of the cloud environment.

Cloud Operations

We provide guidance and insights on best practices and operational procedures that ensure your organization gets maximum value from the cloud. This ensures smooth cloud operations without loss of control avoiding issues like service outages, application failures and performance bottlenecks. Following best practices provides maximum ROI and facilitates the long-term optimal operation of the cloud.

Cloud Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring provides real-time visibility which is key to assuring control for your organization’s cloud. Utilize our monitoring services to keep an eye on cloud performance, utilization and availability of resources. This visibility is the key to rapid responses to nip any issues in the bud to avoid service disruptions. Clear visibility also provides clarity on cloud costs and helps forecast demand.

Cloud Security

Keep your data, applications and infrastructure secure with our cloud security services. Ongoing monitoring plays a role in rapid troubleshooting and enforcing security policies so your organization can leverage the benefits of the cloud while maintaining cloud security posture. Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) can be implemented on-premise or on the cloud to ensure cloud security.