Among the foremost challenges confronted by new-age CIOs and IT managers they need: 

  • Cost-effective utilization of IT infrastructure
  • Go-to-market support for new business initiatives
  • Flexibility in adapting to organizational changes

In addition, there is ateeming urgency to maintain the climate of IT budgetary constraints and work efficiently in today’s stringent regulatory requirements. Virtualization is the central technological innovation that allows skilled IT managers to deploy creative solutions to such business challenges. 


Boost workforce productivity by making business applications securely available anywhere, anytime

Server Virtualization

Often used as a synonym for advanced load balancing, we help enterprises virtual interface provide access to many different application services transparently. Virtual servers with robust topology and secure environment are applied to a host of application deployments and architectures, from front-end application servers to issuing the load among numerous web server platforms and even the data and storage tiers with database virtualization.

Desktop Virtualization

Businesses are expanding, IT managers are often expected to work from remote client locations and mobile devices are increasingly used to support real-time decision making. The best solution to address these changing needs of people effectively and cost-efficiently is desktop virtualization. The virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) relieves an organization of the challenge to address a variety of end user requirements.

Network Virtualization

With an aim to cut down the overall IT expense of an organization and to make its applications and services more agile, Digital Minds offers network virtualization solutions. When an organization transforms its traditional method of box based networking into a single unified platform, it benefits from faster recovery times, better management of the network and no place for intricate protocol overlays.

At Digital Minds, we promise to revolutionize your application delivery process through efficient orchestration of services and robust provisioning.

Storage Virtualization

This type of virtualization forms a base on which several important data services are formed. Services such as volume management, LUN control, snapshots, clustering, and data replication are significantly less complex when virtualization is present, than when it is not.

According to analyst reports from Gartner & IDC, the average utilization of disk storage systems is currently 50%, and with improved storage utilization, can generate tremendous savings. Digital Minds makes it possible to consolidate storage effectively and simultaneously reduce downtime, and manual administrative activities.

How can Digital Minds Benefit your Enterprise with Virtualization

Our highly experienced team is our main differentiator. Here’s how you can benefit


Server Consolidation

Increase IT productivity and remove any server sprawl by setting up systems into virtual machines.


Test & Development

Improve storage & resource allocation with the rapid provision and re-provision on development servers.


Enterprise Desktop

Alternatively, provide standardized enterprise desktop environments hosted on servers.


Highest Availability

Ensure your enterprise applications perform with the highest availability and performance.


Enterprise Management

Improve enterprise desktop management & control with faster deployment of desktops & fewer support calls.


Legacy Application Re-Hosting

Migrate legacy operating systems and software applications to virtual machines running on new hardware, better reliability.


Multiple Operating System

You may sometimes run multiple operating systems on a single computer including Windows, Linux and more.


Business Continuity

Reduce complexity of business continuity by encapsulating entire systems files that can be replicated and restored onto any target server


Reduce Capital Costs

Reduce capital costs by increasing energy efficiency and requiring less hardware and increasing your server to admin ratio.


Disaster recovery

Build up business continuity through improved disaster recovery solutions and deliver high availability throughout the datacenter.



Reduce the time for provisioning new infrastructure to minutes with sophisticated automation capabilities.



Application & Desktop virtualization enables centralization of business applications, faster application delivery.