Server & Storage

We promote business continuity with our traditional and online backup solutions promising high availability of data. Our specialized storage solutions fine tunes performance and optimize cost, archiving critical data cutting on downtime. Keep unplanned downtime at bay, and experience 100% uptime for business critical applications.We are backed by some of the world’s leading OEM vendors to protect your vital company data and manage critical infrastructure efficiently by utilizing server, backup & storage solutions.

Server & Storage

Enterprise data storage solution for any business size

Servers (Entry/Mid/High)

  • Tower Servers
  • Rack Servers
  • Slim Line Servers
  • Blade Servers
  • Accessories


  • SAN
  • NAS
  • Disk Storage
  • Tape Drives
  • Ultrium Auto Loaders 
  • Tape Libraries
  • Accessories

Enterprise Storage

  • All-flash and hybrid storage
  • Data Protection Storage
  • Storage management and automation
  • Storage for enterprise applications
  • Storage for VMs and containers 

Server Installation & Configuration

We help ensure that the installation is correct and that the capabilities of servers are utilized optimally. Our personnel have diverse experience related to multiple databases, hardware and platforms and assist you with all your server needs.

Storage Solutions

Large-scale, high-technology environments to provide your enterprise-grade computer data storage. Save on costs in terms of physical storage space, hardware as well as personnel. You don’t have to implement and maintain your own storage infrastructure.